Book Study 2024

Book Study Program 2024

Sundays, 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Feb – 11, 18, 25

Mar – 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Apr – 7, 14

Book Title: What Makes You Not A Buddhist

Author: Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

Book Study: in-person only, no zoom

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Book Study Schedule
Feb 11 – Introduction and Chapter 1 (part 1) pg 1-20. This session will cover a basic introduction to the book & begin with a
look at the concepts of mental fabrications & impermanence.
Feb 18 – Chapter 1 (part 2) pg 20-33. The last section of Chapter 1 describes how to better understand impermanence.
Feb 25 – Chapter 2 (part 1) pg 33-44. This session will look at how we understand happiness & offer context to how some of
those perceptions about happiness have been constructed within our social and cultural frameworks.
KHENPO NORGAY will lead this session via Zoom.

Mar 3 – Chapter 2 (part 2) pg 44-54. This section will look at how we understand ourselves & our common emotions.
Mar 10 – Chapter 3 (part 1) pg 55-68. This chapter introduces the concept of Emptiness.
Mar 17 – Chapter 3 (part 2) pg 68-82. This section will share stories to illustrate the concept of emptiness & help guide the reader
on how to better understand emptiness.
Mar 24 – Chapter 4 (part 1) pg 83-95. Part 1 will look at how happiness itself is not the goal & also discuss the primordially pure
nature inherent within each sentient being.
Mar 31 – Chapter 4 (part 2) pg 95-106. Part 2 will cover topics such as How does Nirvana feel, what are the advantages, & what
does to be free of dualism mean?

Apr 7 – Conclusion pg 107-125. In conclusion, we will reflect on: The View, The Logic of the Four Seals, Karma Purity &
Non-violence, Renunciation, Wisdom, Wisdom within Culture and Practicing Harmony.
Apr 14 – KHENPO NORGAY will lead this session via zoom.
Closing Words and Q & A session related to the book study.

*Please note that you are not obligated to attend every session. Feel free to attend session whenever you can.
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