Nyungne Retreat 2024

PPOL 2nd Annual Nyungne Retreat May 25-27th, 2024

in person or via Zoom (registration required)

Dear friends & sangha,

During the month of Saga Dawa, Lopon Rapjee will lead our 2024 PPOL 2nd Annual Nyungne Retreat on Saturday, May 25th to Monday, May 27th at our center and the merit accumulated for this retreat will be dedicated to world peace. Khenpo Norgay will be giving vows & teaching on Saturday & Sunday, May 25th & 26th from 6am to 7am (CST).

Nyungne (abiding in the fast) is a two-and–a–half day fasting practice that centered around mantra recitations, prostrations and meditation on the Eleven-faced, Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara. During the retreat, we make conscious efforts to refrain from non-virtuous actions of body, speech and mind and to abstain from negative actions that harm others.

The fasting practice of Nyungne is a very well-known and profound purification practice that is widely practiced in Tibet. One set of Nyungne consists of two days of practice. The 1st day is the preliminary day in which one takes the Sojong vows and eat only vegetarian breakfast and lunch (no meat, garlic, onions, eggs) and drinks. The 2nd day is a complete fast with no food or drinks and one must remain in silence (only chanting allowed). The morning on the 3rd day marks the completion of our Nyungne practice by offering tsog, making aspiration prayers and dedicating our merit to all sentient beings.

According to the Great Benefits of Nyungne text, doing Nyungne practice one time will purify forty thousand eons of negative karma. For those who do eight continuous Nyungne practices will attain spiritual achievement equal to the stage of a non-returner and will reborn in the pure land of Amitabha Buddha. If one were to complete 108 Nyungne practices, it is equivalent to achieving arhathood; one hundred million kalpas of negativities purified, and one will definitely be born in the pure land of Great Bliss in the presence of Buddha Amitayus (Long Life Buddha).

Please register by clicking hereNote that if you miss the chance to take your vows with Khenpo Norgay in the morning, you will not be able to participate in the retreat. Breakfast, lunch and drinks will be provided. If you have health issues or food restrictions, please contact Lopon Rapjee in person prior to retreat or via email- info@palri.org.

Suggested donation for the whole retreat is $108 per adult, but no one turned away due to lack of funds. Offerings to Khenpo Norgay & Lopon Rapjee are separate from registration fees.


在萨嘎达瓦月期间,洛本拉普杰将于 5 月 25 日星期六至 5 月 27 日星期一在我们的中心引导我们 PPOL 第二届 2024 年度纽涅闭关,并把这次闭关所积累的功德奉献给世界和平。5 月 25 日和 5 月 26 日星期六和星期日早上 6 点至 7 点(中部时间),堪布诺杰将授戒和开示。

纽涅(持守禁食斋戒)是为期两天半的斋戒,以念咒、大礼拜、冥想十一面千手观音菩萨为主。在闭关期间,我 们有意识地努力戒除身、语、意的不善业,以及断除伤害他人的恶业。

纽涅的禁食斋戒是一种众所周知且深刻的净化修持,在西藏广泛流传。一次纽涅需要两天的修持:第一天是受持 sojong(藏语,清净并修复破损戒律)誓言的预备日,只吃素食早餐和午餐(没有肉、大蒜、洋葱、鸡蛋)和 饮品。第二天是完全禁食,必须保持沉默(只允许念诵)。第三天早上,通过荟供、发愿并将我们的功德回向给 一切老母有情来完成纽涅。

根据纽涅功德相关文字记载,修习一次纽涅,可以净除四万劫的恶业。对于那些连续八次修持纽涅的行者,将获 得等同于阿那含(不来果)的功德并且往生于阿弥陀佛净土。若能修满 108 次纽涅修法,就等同于证得阿罗汉 果位;一亿劫的罪业得以清净,必定往生于无量寿佛(长寿佛)的极乐净土。

请使用此链接注册- https://tinyurl.com/Palri。请注意,如果你错过早上堪布授戒的机会,你将无法参加接下来 的闭关。我们将提供早餐、午餐和饮料。如果您有健康问题或者食物限制,请在闭关前亲自或者通过电子邮件联 系洛本拉普杰 info@palri.org



2024 PPOL 2nd Nyungne Retreat Schedule

**NOTE: Please shower, brush teeth & be ready to Zoom 15 mins before 6am.**
请在早上 6 点前 15 分钟淋浴、刷牙并准备好 Zoom。

***If you would like to offer fruits, incense, & flowers for shrine, sponsor food and drinks for retreatants or serve breakfast and or lunch, please contact Lopon Rapjee prior to retreat or via email – info@palri.org
如果您想供水果、香和鲜花,请为闭关者赞助食物和饮品或提供早餐和/或午餐,请在闭关前联系洛本拉普杰或者发邮件至 info@palri.org 联系。

Tsog on the 3rd day: please bring washed fruits, incense, & arranged flowers before 8am for our shrine set-up
第三天的荟供: 请在早上八点之前带上洗净的水果、香和插花,用于我们佛台的布置

“One receives tremendous benefit just by supporting Nyungne retreatants! Through this virtuous act of giving, one will not fall into the lower realms, able to develop bodhichitta, in all future lives one will have abundant wealth and, eventually, one will be able to completely perfect the practice of generosity.”


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