Guru Rinpoche Day: February 19, 2024

Dear Sangha Members,

Please join us for our Tsog offering on Guru Rinpoche Day, the auspicious 10th day of the Tibetan lunar month, Monday, February 19, 2024, from 7 PM – 9:00 PM CST. The sadhana for this Tsog practice is Shower of Blessings. Offering Tsog on this day is a powerful way to accumulate merit and wisdom, purify karmic obscurations, and repair our samaya.

Feel free to bring snacks, drinks, flowers, and candles as offerings, or donations for accumulating merit. If you do, please bring the offering at least half an hour prior to the start of the practice so as to allow ample time for arranging offerings.

If you are joining on Zoom, feel free to prepare your own Tsog offering on your altar, and then bless it with “Om Ah Hung” three times while sprinkling a few drops of clean water on it.

Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 819 719 1570

Password: 446617

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If you have any questions, please contact us at Thanks!

Warmest Regards, PPOL Austin

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