Rigdzin Düpa Tsog

Please join Loppon Rapjee in offering Tsog on Guru Rinpoche Day (the 10th Lunar Calendar) on Saturday, August 26th, 2023, from 2 pm – 4 pm CDT. Loppon will lead us in practicing the sadhana of Rigdzin Dupa (the Gathering of Awareness Holders.) Offering Tsog on this day may swiftly accumulate oceans of merit and wisdom, and dispel obstacles.

Rigdzin Dupa

If you are joining on Zoom, feel free to prepare your own Tsog offering on your altar, and then bless it with “Om Ah Hung” three times while sprinkling a few drops of clean water on it.

Please feel free to bring flowers, fruits, cheese, snacks, beef jerky, drinks, or a cash donation for Tsog. If possible, please bring your offerings to the temple a day prior, or at least half an hour before the event for setup. Thanks!

All are welcome to join, either in person or via Zoom.

Meeting ID 房号: 819 719 1570 
Password 密码: 446617
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Chinese Texts 中文 – Palri Pema Öd Ling


本寺邀请您和家人于藏历十日殊胜日,周六8月26日下午2-4钟,前来白玉寺参加由咯喯拉杰带领的莲师荟供 — 持明的聚集法会。于殊胜日荟供能迅速累积海量的福德和智慧,去除业障和提高智慧和方便法。

如果您联网参加荟供,可自行在家中的佛昙前准备小供品, 然后唸诵“唵阿吽”三遍,同时以几滴净水加持供品。

欢迎携带鲜花,水果,奶酪, 干果零食, 饮料等等供品或现款。若有意供献者,请尽量在前一天或法会开始半小时前把供品带过来,方便义工有充分的时间摆设供品。先此感恩!

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