Losar Tibetan New Year Schedule

Please Join Palri Pema Od Ling and Lama Pasang in our three Days of Losar practices on Zoom.

February 10 th at 6:00pm

Dharma Protector day. We will be doing the following practices :

Vajrakilaya Practice 

Heart Sutra 

White Umbrella 

Lion Faced Dakini 

All to purify the obstacles of the coming year. 

February 11 th 6:00 pm

Our evening practice with special Long Life Preyers.

February 12 th Losar Day Practice.

Two sessions 7:00 am and 6:00 pm of the following :

Auspisious Preyers 

Bodhisatva Vows 

Treasure of Blessings 

For Zoom links Please go to the day of practice on the calendar page of the website.

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