Dzamling Chisang Day

Thursday June 24 at 10:00 am US central time. Join Palri Pema Od Ling and Lama Pasang on Zoom for a special full moon practice.

Dzamling Chisang Day is also known as the “Universal Smoke Offering Day” or “local deities’ day”. Every year, Dzamling Chisang falls on the 15th day of the fifth lunar month (according to the Tibetan Dharma Calendar). Tibetan Buddhist practitioners offer extensive offerings of smoke generated by burning sang (incense powder made from a blend of fragrant woods). The smoke is blessed and then offered to all the four classes of guests which include the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Dharma Protectors and particularly to all local deities earth, water, fire, wind and air deities.

We will be doing a special Riwo Sangcho smoke offering and The King Gesar Prayer .

To Join on Zoom please go to the calendar page and click on the day of practice for the link.

This is also a good day to hang prayer flags.

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