660th Anniversary of Longchen Rabjam

In commemoration of Longchenpa’s mahaparanirvana,  Loppon Rapjee Wangchuk will lead the Thiglé Gyachen practice at Palri Pema Öd Ling on Wednesday, February 8th at 7 pm CST.

Longchenpa (1308–1364) was a major teacher in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism,  and a critical link in the transmission of the Dzogchen teachings.

Thiglé Gyachen, The Sealed Quintessence, is the innermost secret lama practice in the Longchen Nyingtik cycle, revealed by JIgme Lingpa.

Amazing! This extremely profound wisdom mind terma, the most secret Thiglé Gyatakchen, (“The Quintessential Cycle of the Bindu Seal”), was buried in the core of my [Vidyadhara Jigme Lingpa’s] heart by the Original Protector Longchenpa at Chimphu in the glorious Samye. I then kept this concealed for five years. Now, in these degenerate times, suitable vessels of profound doctrine are rare, yet in the year of the evil malicious snake, in a white woolen tent, a dakini of the wisdom dharmadhatu prophesied, “From the present time, after three years have passed, three supreme heart sons will appear: a courageous one with the name of Vajra, one named Jnana who is lord among the accomplished ones, and one who is a great poet bearing the name of the five families. You must open this dharma gateway for them.” Thus, just in accordance to the prophecy, at the request of the lineage-holding heart sons and the hidden yogi, Madman from Kongpo, I opened the seal of secrecy of this profound teaching. The noble five Tseringma sisters and Rahula, the Wild Life-Cutting Blade, were commanded to guard it well. Samaya. Seal. May this bring glory to all those fortunate ones with karmic connections.

— end note from the root text of Thiglé Gyachen

Any empowerment in the Nyingtik cycle is qualified for this practice. Please feel free to bring flowers, fruits, cheese, vegetarian snacks, or drinks for Tsog. You may also make a cash donation. Please bring your offerings to the temple a day prior, or at least a half an hour before the event for setup. Thanks!

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